Mitakon Lens Turbo does not work on the BMPCC!

Info - Mitakon Lens Turbo does not work on the BMPCC!

Emm from CheesyCam just released a warning about the Mitakon Lens Turbo for Micro Four Thirds (MFT or M4/3). The message is clear: this adapter/focal reducer will not work on the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC). Above is a video from Emm clarifying this.

[UPDATE April 2014 - Mixed reports are still coming in, buy at your own risk. It fits for some, it doesn't for others.]

He mentions that it will work fine on (for example) the Panasonic GH-series, and it is said it'll also work with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (2.5K) - but the latter hasn't been confirmed via field-testing as far as I know. 

Emm also goes into lenght about what this focal reducer might do for you and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

If you will be shooting on a BMPCC however, and you want to use a focal reducer to get rid of (at least some) of the crop factor - then the only choices you have are the ones from Metabones right now: the Speed Booster BMCC and Speed Booster BMPCC.

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Simon A
You state "it will not work" but don't specify it what way it doesn't work.

If you are referring to it not fitting on the BMPCC mount (the Mount being too tight), it is confirmed that BMPCC MFT mounts are notoriously out of specification, or at the extremes of spec, some being too tight, some too loose with the same lens on different bodies.

The Metabones Speedbooster also has issues not mounting to some BMPCC. So to do some SLR Magic lenses, and some Voigtlander (and no doubt others) on some batches of BMPCC. Yet the same lenses on other BMPCC fit fine, and on other BMPCC bodies fit loosely.

This issue tends to be exaggerated with Manual Focus / Cine lenses, which are intentionally manufactured for a tighter tolerance to avoid excessive movement when focussing the lens.

Thus the on some of the BMPCC MFT Mount cameras they wont lock on / or even mount. Yet on other batches are fine.

Thus this is an issue with inconsistencies in the BMPCC mount between production batches of the MFT mount it uses.

Hope that helps.
Website for Ruben
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the clarifying comment. I've indeed been told by some that it works fine, and by some that it won't fit at all. I was already suspecting that Blackmagics BMPCC had a slightly 'fluctuating' production-line when it comes to MFT mounts. Thanks for sharing!

Seems to be a silly statement to make. Heading is that 'Mitakon Lens Turbo does not work on the BMPCC'. You do not show how it does not fit on your BMPCC and go on babbling and showing how it fits the GH3 and other lenses and continue to state at the end that it doesn't fit the BMPCC. No actual demo other than holding the BMPCC and Mitacon in your hands.What a video... Sorry to state that though your intentions must have been good, basically it is an utter waste of time and misguidance since it will disuade and confuse a lot of people.
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Hi R Jaitley,
The heading refers to the findings of Emm over at CheesyCam. The video is his as well, which is actually quite obvious from the logo in the video as well as the fact that it's stated in my text. I agree however that the video could've been more 'visual' on this. Also - if you've read the update in this post, posted back in april - you'd know that it might work after all, but it's not gauranteed. That's all - just relaying the information I found/hears.
Wish I would\'ve read this before I bought mine. Thought that I got a great deal at 120€ used only to find that it doesn\'t fit on my BMPCC. :(
HA! Actually, it does! I just found out that one can slightly offset the rear element of the adapter by loosening the tiny screw that holds it and then turning that rear element.
I guess it's just a matter of offsetting it not even by a millimeter to make it fit. I'm of course worried of how that'll affect focusing (don't have an EF lens to try it out right now) but oh well... maybe better having a slightly off focus than not being able to use the adapter at all, I suppose?
Ruben Kremer
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I got another focal reducer. The Roxsen version. My screw came loose - the one you're describing and the optical has now been offset. Trouble: the focussing is now completely messed and doesn't go to infinity anymore. Which is a huge bummer. So as long as you know/mark the original position, you should be fine, but being able to 'reset' the optical is something you might want to take care of

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