Mitakon Lens Turbo might work after all on BMPCC

Info - Mitakon Lens Turbo might work after all on BMPCC

A new video has popped up on the web showing that the Mitakon Lens Turbo might work on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera after all. In an earlier review Cheesycam mentioned that it didn't work and didn't fit. This video seems to disprove his findings and might prove that Cheesycam might have received a faulty unit. 

I'm eagerly awaiting the first images from the camera with this focal reducer mounted!

[UPDATE April 2014 - Mixed reports are still coming in, buy at your own risk. It fits for some, it doesn't for others.]

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Sven Kirchgeßner
Website for Sven Kirchgeßner
Im going to buy me a bmpcc, a lens turbo and will send you a video and footage if it will work with my old nikkor lenses.

And thanks for your blog and your posts.

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