Blackmagic 4K camera price drop

Blackmagic 4K camera drops to just over €2k

Info - Blackmagic 4K camera drops to just over €2k

Blackmagic Design has just dropped the price of their global shutter Super-35 4K Production Camera. The official price now has been set at just €2.279,-

However, you can currently even own one for €2.029 (excl. VAT) when ordering from AF Marcotec using a special offer from Cinema5D - but be quick about it, this offer is valid until february 28. Head over to Cinema5D for the discount code.

If you're already considering switching to a 4K workflow soon, this might just be the right moment to do so!

Personally, I'm not making the switch just yet. I've just invested in getting up and running with its smaller sibling, the Pocket Cinema Camera, and will be using that primarily. However, if the occassion might arise and production values need to be cranked up, or a client really wants to shoot in 4K - I'd be happy to jump aboard the 4K vessel sooner than planned at this new pricepoint.


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Chris Bishop
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I've really been looking forward to owning this camera. Just one thing bothers me ... its low light performance. There's been a lot mentioned lately of the 400 ASA limit - the original BMCC had 800 ASA limit, and that camera was pretty poor in low light.

I know this camera is technically a bargain, but it will mean careful planning when working - fast primes as standard.
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I didn't catch that it had a native ASA of 400. In the back of my head I assumed 800 like it's siblings. But even at ASA400 it's a good deal. Like you said, it'll require a bit more planning and perhaps more light. So investing in a couple of 1K's as well might be a good idea ;-) (was originally thinking of dimmable 650W's, but 1K lights might be better for future proofing!

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