Sony Alpha A7s

Sony brings Fullframe to 4K with A7s mirrorless

Info - Sony brings Fullframe to 4K with A7s mirrorless

During Sony's NAB press conference they officially announced the new Sony A7s fullframe mirrorless camera. There already was some speculation about the camera leading up to the announcement, but below are the specs as they came in from NAB:

  • Wide ISO sensitivity from 50 to 409600 with unprecedented dynamic range
  • World's first full-frame sensor with full pixel read-out without pixel binning for movie
  • 4K (Quad Full HD @ 3830 x 2160) via HDMI-output
  • XAVC (S) FullHD 1080p recording at 50Mbps, with time-code
  • 720p recording up to 120fps
  • S-Log2 gamma profile
  • Optional XLR audio inputs
  • α mount system with a wide range of available lenses
  • Improved fast intelligent AD performance in low light (as EV-4)


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In addition to above feartues Body stabilisation particularly for using Alpha lenses!!!!!!!!!(most importantly)Tri navi + mode dial is a must.GPS, WiFi.Off centre flash (optional but always nice)Variable video ISO upto 25,600 like the 5D's.Ability to control power zoom (although lens operation will probably do.)Charging over USB.USB3 or thunderbolt I/O.think that covers the wish list for the perfect camera.

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