Pocket Cinema Camera Summer Deal

BMD Slashes their BMPCC price in half for the summer

Info - BMD Slashes their BMPCC price in half for the summer

Blackmagic Design decided to have themselves a summer deal - so they slashed the price of the Pocket Cinema Camera in half! That's right - it now sells for a mere $495,- excl. VAT (or €435,- incl. VAT here in the Netherlands).

That means you can own a Super-16mm CinemaDNG RAW recording camera for about the same price as a GoPro camera. 

International buyers - head on over to B&H for the $495,- BMPCC. My fellow Dutch filmmakers can head over to CameraTools.nl or VideoBewerken.nl to get one for just €435,- (and if it's a business investment, it'll drop below €375 after tax returns). Now that's what I call a summer deal.

Get one while supplies last - BMD mentioned it's a limited offer, and after the summer it'll go back to its old price!

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