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The new Zoom F8 multitrack field recorder

Info - The new Zoom F8 multitrack field recorder

Since the introduction of the Canon 5D Mark II back in 2008, things have moved in an absurdly high pace in the video world. Getting your hands on a camera which will deliver stellar quality images is now more affordable than ever before. But the images are only half the picture. 

One field which hasn't kept up the pace with the video evolution is the accessibility to pro audio. We all know and/or use the field/hand recorders, the Zoom H4n, the Zoom H1 and the BeachTek mixers, preamps and recorders. The first two were originally not designed with filmmaking in mind, and the latter were designed to rectify the shortcomings of the camera's. 

Zoom have now introduced the Zoom F8: a multitrack recorder and field-mixer. It comes with 8 XLR inputs, dual SD slots, timecode connections and more. It will record up to 10 tracks at up to 24-bit/192kHz simultaneously onto two cards, so you will always have an instant backup. It's constructed out of aluminum, so it should survive most on-set situation. Also a nice feature is the fact that it can connect to your iPhone or iPad, giving you full control of the recorder via BlueTooth!

For the full specs and product info - take a look at the Zoom F8 productpage

No word on pricing yet, I'll update this post as soon as the word gets out. 

Zoom F8

Zoom F8

Zoom F8

Zoom F8 Control app


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AJF van Halderen
This product (Zoom F8) has terrible bad problems with RFI. I can hear broadcast radio signals on my unit - pickup by the microphone preamp. And furthermore it picks up digital signals (noise/distortion/impulses) from my home cordless phone (DECT) from a distance of about 3 meters from the basestation. Also signals from WIFI routers are clearly hearable in the recorded sound.

Its has very nice specs and features - is really nice small - etc.- but its mic-premamp are very unrelable with respect to RFI - problems

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