Odyssey 7Q+

Odyssey7Q+ now accepts more (and cheaper) SSDs

Info - Odyssey7Q+ now accepts more (and cheaper) SSDs

A new firmware upgrade for Convergent Design's Odyssey7Q+ has completely altered its storage requirements landscape. The SSD support has been opened up, and prices dropped. 

Convergent Design's own SSDs have also been reduced in price. 

New on the support list are the widely available Samsung 850 PRO SSD's, and one EVO.

Combine these with one of the most powerful recorders on the market, which sells for $2,295: the Odyssey 7Q+ - and you have a mighty OLED monitor with UltraHD/4K recorder, capable of recording high frame rates (slow motion) in a raw format (at lower resolution, it'll go fast). Very useful when paired with a FS700 for example.

Please do note: you'll need two SSD's mounted at once if you want the ultimate performance from the recorder. For specific camera settings, that'll be required - please look these details up on Convergent Design's website if you're interested.


UPDATED - July 9th, 2015 - I've updated the prices a bit. The Convergent Design 1TB dropped a few hundred dollars! Minor fluctuations in the other SSDs, nothing special, mostly they got a tad cheaper.

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