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See my comment below. I found these to drop frames at HQ and 422, but work with Pro-Res LT.
Make sure the card isn't formatted to Fat32. ExtFat should work, as well as whatever the mac equivalent is (I'm not a Mac guy). Your should work OK for Pro-Res from what I can tell, but not Raw. Make sure your camera is set to Pro-Res before inserting the card. What you really want is the extreme pro 64, which is the only card I know of that does Raw, and is only $93 on Amazon.
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I just updated my cam to 1.8.2, and tested some of the cards I have that were unreliable at Pro-Res:
PNY Elite 128 & 64: Both dropped a frame in the first 10 seconds of recording at Pro-Res 4:2:2. Both recorded consistently without drops at Pro-Res LT.
Toshiba Exceria Type2 64: Dropped frames within the first few seconds on Pro-Res 4:2:2 and Pro-Res LT. Recorded consistently at Pro-Res Proxy.