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Post: Mitakon Lens Turbo does not work on the BMPCC!
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You state "it will not work" but don't specify it what way it doesn't work.

If you are referring to it not fitting on the BMPCC mount (the Mount being too tight), it is confirmed that BMPCC MFT mounts are notoriously out of specification, or at the extremes of spec, some being too tight, some too loose with the same lens on different bodies.

The Metabones Speedbooster also has issues not mounting to some BMPCC. So to do some SLR Magic lenses, and some Voigtlander (and no doubt others) on some batches of BMPCC. Yet the same lenses on other BMPCC fit fine, and on other BMPCC bodies fit loosely.

This issue tends to be exaggerated with Manual Focus / Cine lenses, which are intentionally manufactured for a tighter tolerance to avoid excessive movement when focussing the lens.

Thus the on some of the BMPCC MFT Mount cameras they wont lock on / or even mount. Yet on other batches are fine.

Thus this is an issue with inconsistencies in the BMPCC mount between production batches of the MFT mount it uses.

Hope that helps.