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I would like to retract my previous findings of the 128GB Sandisk Extreme Plus fully working with RAW. After testing more extensively in the real world, I've noticed that in certain situations it can handle RAW indefinitely and in other situations (particularly those with lot of color, greens and blues) it can only handle raw at 24fps from 30-90 seconds. Meaning you can record raw on these cards but only for 30-90 second bursts. for longer clips I recommend ProRes HQ.
I guess "real world" depends on what side of the world you are on =) In the US 23.976/24 is our frame rate for film.

I tested at 25 and wasn't able to get dropped frames either. I was at 30 but it required a lot of motion.
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I've tested the Adata Premiere Pro 128GB card and the Transcend Ultimate 128GB card. Both cards were able to record ProRes HQ at 24P but dropped frames under very fast camera movements for extended periods of time. 30P is that much less usable.

As expected, the Sandisk Extreme pro 64Gb was able to handle everything I threw I at including 30P RAW. Surprisingly, however, the Sandisk Extreme plus 128GB held up really well.

The Sandisk Extreme Plus 128GB card has a slower write test using HD Tune Pro (60MB/s) than the ADATA, Lexar, and Transcend cards (all around 62MB/s), however, for some reason the Sandisk Extreme Plus was able to record not only ProRes HQ flawlessly, but also handled 24P raw without a hiccup. The only time it dropped frames was during RAW at 30P under very fast camera movements for extended periods of time. With the other cards, I was not able to even record 1 frame of RAW. I intend to stress test this card more thoroughly and see if I notice anything concerning.
I've tested the Lexar 600x cards. Both the 128Gb and 256GB can do Prores HQ, however, when there is a lot of action it starts skipping frames and then recovers. This especially happens when shooting in 30P and less so in 23.976 I couldn't get it to skip in Prores LT or Proxy modes. Going to try the same battery of tests on the Sandisk Extreme plus 128GB and will report my findings.

Thanks for putting together this resource!