Zutphen - Est. A.D. 300

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Zutphen is one of the oldest cities of The Netherlands. It has been continuously inhabited for over 1700 years, ever since the first Germanic settlements back in 300 AD. I hope I've captured at least a little bit of its history in these images of my hometown.

Did a couple of quick shots earlier, but nothing comprehensive. This was the first time I really took the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera out for a test shoot.

And pretty soon its flaws revealed themselves to me: the screen is useless when there's even a bit of daylight landing on it. And it consumes a lot of batteries, but this is not really a problem for me. The screen is more of an serious issue. When shooting outdoors in daylight, it is impossible to easily determine focus and or exposure correctly, you really have to try hard. This can be solved by loupe, like the upcoming LCDVF BM from Kinotehnik.

Also, this camera is light sensitive. Not just a bit, but very. When you don't pair it up with an ND filter you'll be forced to shoot at f/19-22 more than once in a while. Like me. I didn't have any way of mounting my variable ND's to the used lenses - which were the Samyang 14mm T*3.1 cine lens, the Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 (very cheap kitlens) and the Olympus 17mm f/2.8 pancake lens (because with this Pocket camera, you really also want to have a pancake in the lensbag!). Resulting in a very wide DoF most of the time. Am currently figuring out a workable ND solution.

With most shots I tried to capture a lot of contrast in the frame, which was made easier by the clear blue skies, very harsh sunlight and strong shadows. I gave the footage a quick grade using FilmConvert and Luma Curves (Adobe Premiere Pro). I pulled up the shadows quite a bit as to show the amount of detail present.

For more info on this shoot, please read the Zutphen EST A.D. 300 blog post.