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H.265 HEVC really is a highly efficient codec

Info - H.265 HEVC really is a highly efficient codec

A company called CineMartin just released a few sample shots from a video converted from ProRes4444 to H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec). That's a compression from 560MB to just 4.9MB without practically any visible difference!

If the shots provided by CineMartin are any indication, H.264 will be overtrown as the #1 delivery format. The amount of detail in a highly compressed form is tremendous. Just imagine keeping the same bitrate as with a H.264 file, but encoded in H.265 from a high quality source: the amount of retained detail will be superb in comparison to H.264.

Below are two shots as they can be found on the CineMartin site, first the ProRes4444 and second the H.265 version (compressed from the ProRes4444 file). I usually recompress all images on my site using JPEGmini, but I left these untouched for the occasion. Please click an image for the enlarged version.

Keep an eye on the CineMartin website, they'll be releasing CINEC 2.7 to the public on November 27th. 


H.265 from ProRes4444

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