Metabones reveals their new special Speedboosters

Info - Metabones reveals their new special Speedboosters

Metabones has revealed a new set of focal reducers specifically designed for the Blackmagic Design camera's: the Cinema Camera (2.5K) (BMCC) and the Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC). The BMPCC version will make your Super 16 sensor effectively just-a-little-shy-of-Super-35, and the BMCC version will make its sensor effectively a Super 35.

In his Pocket Cinema Camera review (part 3), Philip Bloom already had the chance to play around with these adapters and the results are pretty spectacular. You can find some samples on his blog post.

Here are the specs for the two Speed Boosters:

  • Nikon G to BMPCC Speed Booster  
    Reduction factor: 0.58x (reducing the crop from 2.88x to 1.75x)
    Max. aperture increase: + 12/3 stop (with a max. output of f/0.74)
    Clickless long throw manual G aperture ring
    Compatible with Nikon G & F lenses (incl. non-AI & AI)

  • Nikon G to BMCC Speed Booster
    Reduction factor: 0.64x (reducing the crop from 2.39x to 1.53x)
    Max. aperture increase: + 11/3 stop (with a max. output of f/0.8)
    Clickless long throw manual G aperture ring
    Compatible with Nikon G & F lenses (incl. non-AI & AI)

I'll give a few examples for the BMPCC:

  • a 50mm f/1.8 will effectively have a focal length of 144mm on the Super 16 sensor. With the addition of the 0.58x Speedbooster - this lens will give you an effective focal length of ~83mm f/1.3

  • a 35mm f/1.4 lens will give you a focal length of 101mm on the Super 16 sensor. Add the 0.58x BMPCC Speed Booster and you will end up effectively with a ~59mm f/1.1

  • a 14mm f/2.8 on Super 16 will effective show you 40mm. With 0.58x Speed Booster this will be ~23mm f/2.3

Both these adapters will sell for $489.- (around €360,-), and shipping will put you back an additional $25-$35 (approx €18-€25) to have them sent to you from Hong Kong. These prices are not including VAT or import duties.

The BMCC version is available now, and you can sign up for a notification list for the BMPCC version.

Only days away from an announcement from Fotodiox on their 0.5x reducer, Metabones has beat them to it. Let's see what Fotodiox will bring to the table.

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