Palette, modular controller for hands-on interaction

Info - Palette, modular controller for hands-on interaction

Calvin Chu & Ashish Bidadi have jumped on the crowdfunding wagon to get financing for their new Palette modular interaction devices. They've already raised almost 90% of their $100,000 CAD target on Kickstarter, with still 30 days to go.

The modules exists of a 'power-module' which is the main controller for the whole interface and is connected via USB. To this power-module you can add a sliders, buttons, and dials. I can see plenty of applications for this, from Adobe Premiere to Speedgrade and as they themself already mention: Photoshop and Lightroom.

Palette offer you hands-on control with practically all your favorite software. Out-of-the-box they hope to support the entire Adobe Creative Suite, some DJ software packages and all applications that can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts. All interaction can be customized via their desktop application.

Below I've embedded their Kickstarter video. For more info, visit the Palette kickstarter page, or their own website (which mostly refers you to kickstarter for the moment).

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