Creative Cloud 2014

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 released - available now

Info - Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 released - available now

Adobe has just released their latest version of Creative Cloud - their big 2014 upgrade. If you haven't had the chance to watch the live presentation, you're not missing out on too much info. They went through the products and upgrades on a very high pace. Better look it up on their site.

Worth noting is the improved support for CinemaDNG files. I can personally confirm that Premiere will now natively with the RAW files straight from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, at last. Amongst many other things...

You can upgrade right now. Just be aware that the new versions will install alongside your existing CC installation. So it's very mucht a very big upgrade!

Below I've linked to the specific webpages which deal with what's new for which product. It's way too much to sum it all up on one page. 

What's new in ... 

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