Metabones BMPCC Active Speedbooster

The Active Canon EF to BMPCC SpeedBooster

Info - The Active Canon EF to BMPCC SpeedBooster

It's been talked about and speculated about ever since the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera hit the market, give or take a few weeks: an Active Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds SpeedBooster. This piece of kit -to me- is a little bit of magic.

And in some way it actually is a piece of black magic. This special focal reducer from Metabones will turn your $995 camera with a relatively small (Super-16mm) sensor (2.88x crop) and CinemaDNG RAW recording capabilities into something else. It'll turn it into fully fledged (near) Super 35mm (1.7x crop) camera with active control over fullframe Canon-mount lenses.

Of course that's nothing new - there already is a Speedbooster which does this. But this one will actually make your BMPCC talk to your lenses. It'll enable lens stabilisation, as well as autofocus (but it isn't any good) and aperture control. This is a first! So you can finally fully use your collection of Canon lenses with ease!

For those coming from a Canon DSLR background - it'll look similar to the APS-C camera's from Canon (like the 550D/T2i (and successors), 60D and 7D), as far as the Field of View goes.

It'll be available by the end of July, and will retail for $659.-

UPDATE: On the Metabones Canon EF to BMPCC Speed Booster sells for ~$689, in Europe it sells on for ~€799

Philip Bloom did a nice write-up on this upcoming SpeedBooster, read it over at his site. He goes in-depth about what this focal reducer will do for your lenses/BMPCC. And there also already is a nice test video up on Vimeo.

Sidenote: this focal reducer is not compatible with any other camera, it will only work with the Nlackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

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