Blackmagic Camera Update v1.8.2

BMD camera firmware update: new ProRes modes

Info - BMD camera firmware update: new ProRes modes

Another new update for the Blackmagic Cameras. Seems to become a weekly returning item by now. This update -version 1.8.2- (unlike the previous 1.8.1) brings a couple of major improvements/addons to the cameras. 

There are three new recording modes in this update! ProRes 422, ProRes LT and ProRes Proxy. The last one might be useful for when you're recording an extremely high bitrate format on a external recorder. 

Here are the specs for all the available ProRes recording formats.

  • ProRes 422 HQ - 24fps 176Mbps / 25fps 184Mbps / 29,97fps 220Mbps
  • ProRes 422 - 24fps 117Mbps / 25fps 122Mbps / 29,97fps 147Mbps
  • ProRes 422 LT - 24fps 82Mbps / 25fps 85Mbs / 29,97fps 102Mbps
  • ProRes 422 Proxy - 24fps 36Mbps / 25fps 38Mbps / 29,97fps 45Mbps

Get the new firmware update via Blackmagics Camera Utility for Mac OS or Windows

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