Sonder keyboard

Sonder Keyboard: a fully customizable keyboard

Info - Sonder Keyboard: a fully customizable keyboard

Some might remember the Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus from several years ago. A fully fledged keyboard with an OLED display behind all the keys. It was the ultimate keyboard-gadget. Reality gave it a price of around $2,000 - making it the ultimate keyboard-gadget for an Oil Sheik, because it was far to uncomfortable to be used fulltime.

Enter Australia.

A small Australian start-up company called Sonder Design is tackling this ultimate keyboard challenge with a far more likeable sales-price. They're not using OLED displays underneath the keys of their Sonder Keyboard, but took the e-Ink route. There are 57 (if I'm counting right) customizable keys which allow you to change the visuals per application. 

Sonder Design - Keyboard

The target sales price will be $299, but if you pre-order you can get it for $199. 

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. It looks promising.

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