Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera announced

Info - Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera announced

Canon has announced their new flagship cinema camera: the Canon EOS C700. It is expected that the C700 will eventually replace the C500 in the line of Canon's cinema cameras. 

The first thing that's striking is the departure from the original C100/300/500 formfactor, adopting a more traditional shape like the ARRI Amira or Sony F55/F5. Which signals that this camera is targeted at the higher end of the market.

The standard 4.5K CMOS version of the C700 will be abled to output 15 stops of dynamic range. Whilst the C700 GS version with a global shutter will deliver 14 stops

The camera will record internally on CFast 2.0 cards (also check the MediaMonitor for those). Up to 4K 60fps in XF-AVC, 4K ProRes up to 30fps and up to 180fps using the 10-bit 4:2:2 combined with 2K center crop. 

Another option is recording using the special Codex CDX-36150 recorder. It will allow recordings in 4.5K RAW up to 100fps, and up to 120fps in 4K RAW

The Canon C700 can be yours for around €26.650 / $28,000. That's the body only. There's no pricing known of the Codex CDX-36150 as of yet. 

My personal point of view on this piece of hardware? Looking at the body it seems like its built like a tank, a true workhorse. Made to be used by a team of people, not just the one guy. I do think that for the specifications - its way too expensive. If you look at Blackmagic's URSA and URSA Mini - those offer quite similar specs (with the exception of up to 120fps 4K, but with internal RAW recording) up to 4.6K resolution. Those units are also built like tanks, for anywhere around €3.000 to €6.000. And RED is also offering similar, if not better, specs for way less cash. We'll see how it goes!

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