The one video that started it all

Info - The one video that started it all

The advent of shooting video with DSLRs changed the industry. That much has been proven. It all started 7.5 years ago to the day: the day Reverie was uploaded by Vincent Laforet. At least, that's the landmark that changed it all for me. 

Reverie is a gorgeously shot (mood)video using the Canon 5D Mk. II - one of the first video's to prove that this new type of camcorder had massive potential. This potential was supported by the fact that the video had received over two million views in its first week. 

Camera's shooting high definition images with very cinematic feel at pretty good quality became available for the masses. Whereas you'd had to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars up until this moment - that price had suddenly dropped to just over two-thousand dollars. 

The video shooting business changed at that very moment. Forever.