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Blackmagic presents the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Info - Blackmagic presents the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

So there it is at last. Its been five years since the announcement of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Today they've announced and revealed the new iteration: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. What's changed? Well, what hasn't?! Lets jump right in.

The most obvious thing when looking at it - is that the design has changed completely. Whereas the original BMPCC was really compact and, well, pocketable - this new version is not as compact. It has more the appearance of a bigger DSLR camera. The lens mount still is an active Micro Four Thirds mount. The back of the camera has been completed with a FullHD 5" LCD display with touchscreen capabilities.

BMPCC4K - Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K

To get a little bit more into the technical part. This new version is a beast. It will record 4K footage up to 60 fps in CinemaDNG RAW or ProRes (up to 422HQ). But framerates can go up a bit higher, in its windowed mode in HD it will record up to 120 fps. 

To get all this data stored the camera is equipped with two memory card slots: CFast 2.0 and a UHS-II SD memory card slot. The UHS-II slot will take anything you throw at it up until 4K 30fps. If you want to go with a higher framerate, you'll need to use the beefier CFast 2.0 slot. And there's actually a third storage option available: a USB-C port on the side, which will allow you to plug in a SSD to which you can record your footage directly. 

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Images are captured using a new full 4/3" HDR sensor with a native ISO up to 25600! That's quit the improvement on the first generation, which didn't go any higher than 1600. 

The audio side of things has also been greatly improved with a new professional quality (allegedly) built-in microphone and mini-XLR input. 

So what is this all going to cost? The first generation still sells for $995. This new bigger brother will hit the shelves for only $1,295!

Also check out the hands-on from Cinema5D

If you want to know more specifics - please check out the page on BMD's website.

The camera has also been added to the Media Monitor, but as of now there is no information concerning compatible memory cards.

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