URSA CFast Compatibility List

The URSA-Family CFast Compatibility List

Info - The URSA-Family CFast Compatibility List

LAST UPDATE: August 6th2015 - For all most recent prices, I'd like to refer you to my newest addition to my domain: the MediaMonitor. It keeps track of prices for and compatibility with all recording media suitable for use with (amongst others) the Blackmagic Design URSA camera's. I will no longer be updating the prices on this page, bookmark the MediaMonitor for further updates.

With the recent announcement of the Blackmagic URSA Mini, I figured it would make sense to create a compatible list of CFast 2.0 cards for the new family of Blackmagic camera's. And since the camera is relatively affordable, and its media is -honestly- not so affordable, I think it is a good thing to have a field-tested list, so any purchases can be well considered.

Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own a camera from the Blackmagic URSA-series. All information of card-compatibiliy has been sourced from the web. I'll post links and references to the posts of those who field-tested the cards whenever possible. This list is meant as a guide, not a guarantuee.

April 16th, 2015 - At this point in time the URSA Mini is not yet available to the public. It has only been shown at NAB. However its bigger sibling, the URSA, has been around for a little whilenow. So the list below only contains card that have been field-tested on the non-Mini. At this point in time the Lexar cards seem to be the most reliable all-round cards. If you're on a budget, take a look at the Super Talent cards.


Please check the MediaMonitor for the most recent prices

In the past, the SanDisk CFast 2.0 card have been on the officially supported card list - however, after major issues with those cards (many reports of corrupted cards after a certain URSA update) the SanDisk cards have been removed from the official list. My personal recommendation would also be to steer clear until all problems with those cards have been fixed. 

If you don't want to shelf out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars/euros on these memory cards, but you really want to get the excellent quality from the URSA camera's, you can now get the C-Box System. It's a Dual-SSD to CFast adapter box, of which the original first production run was funded through Kickstarter. As of this moment, there are still a number of first-run C-Boxes available to order via Clifton Stommel's own store.

Updates to this post will be announced at the top, and clarified and/or explained here at the bottom.


Last price update: July 26th, 2015


UPDATE June 19th, 2015 - I've updated the pricing indications of the CFast cards. There's been a mentionable price-drop in the US. For example: the Lexar 32GB dropped from $174 to $110, the 64GB from $328 to $203, the 128GB from $640 t $313 and the 256GB dropped from $987 to $687. Those are pricedrops of up to 51%. In Europe on Amazon.de the prices changed hardly at all. The Super Talent cards got a few dollars more expensive.

UPDATE June 22nd, 2015 - I've slightly edited the list. The Transcend CFX650 cards were already on this list, but now have also been added to the official supported CFast cards list at Blackmagic's Support department. Also added a paragraph about the C-Box System.

UPDATE June 25th, 2015 - Every so slightly dropped the Lexar prices in Europe at Amazon.de. The US prices went us a little though. So it seems more or less an exchange rate thing.

UPDATE July 2nd, 2015 - There's been a notable pricedrop on US prices. The smallest Lexar card (32GB) now comes in at around $100, and the 128GB card dropped $55 to $315. EU prices are more or less stable.

UPDATE July 9th, 2015 - I've updated the prices. No major shifts, only usual fluctuations.

UPDATE July 26 2015 - Prices updated. There's been a noteable drop in price of the Lexars. Especially the top 156GB model has dropped a hundred dollars. The other, smaller, card have also droppen up to 70 dollars each. No noteable drop on the EU store.

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