Disclaimer and Policy

Disclaimer and Policy are maybe a little bit big words for this, but here it is anyway. 


This website is based on my (Ruben Kremer) personal views, findings and conclusions. I will always try to get the best facts I can get, and will always try to get the same facts from several different sources to be certain of their validity. However, I can not guarantee their validity if I haven't personally been responsible for gathering the facts from which I've sourced. 

I will alway do my best to link back to articles if I've used/quoted from their content. If not directly in the text, chances are there will be reference-links behind the info-button which can be found at the top-right of posts. 

All content on this website is copyright by their respective owners, which in most cases will be myself. In the case of embedded items (most likely video-objects, or images) their rights and license details can mostly be found at the source of the embed, for example a Vimeo page, or will be specifically stated near the embed.

Regarding comments

There is a possibility for visitors of this website to leave comments/feedback on articles which have this feature enabled. By leaving a comment a visitor agrees that his/her comment will/can be shown publicly. Entering an e-mail address will be required for a comment to be accepted by the system. I will take it on good faith that the entered address will be truly that of the visitor wishing to leave a comment.

Before a comment will appear publicly on the website, it will have to be approved by a moderator, which is generally myself. Though I am an avid believer in sharing information and participating on websites and a diversity of platforms - the internet has become saturated with trolls and spammers. This is the ultimate precaution of preventing my (potential) visitors from these negative influences. It is true, this will also leave a visitor's comment to my mercy and possible censorship, but I promise to be fair and will not abolish critisism.

Regarding privacy

I respect the visitor's privacy. There's not a whole lot I can personally do to invade a visitors privacy through a computer screen which is displaying my website by the choice of the visitor. I do however use Google Analytics to learn what visitors like the best, how they end up on my site and I'll use the data to improve where I can. For more information on Google Analytics, please check their website and privacy policy. I will never sell any data which could identify any specific visitor to anyone, nor give it away for free. 

When a visitor leaves a comment on a post, some details will be recorded to insure the best experience for him/her and other visitors. I will save an hash (a sort of irreversible encryption) of the IP address from which a comment was left. If a certain IP address will leave a lot of spam/troll messages, it will be blacklisted and the IP address will be excluded from the possibility to leave any comment.

This website also has several social media plugins enabled through javascript. It is possible these scripts themself might gather information on your internet behaviour. These scripts are supplied by their respective platforms, and I will recommend checking out their websites/policies when concerned. 

Regarding cookies

As mentioned before, this website uses Google Analytics which might leave a cookie behind. There are also several javascript based social media plugins enabled on this website. These might also place cookies. Disabling javascript will prevent this website from placing any social-media cookies. For just a little more information, please refer to the cookies information page.

That's it

If questions may arise you can contact me at contact@rubenkremer.nl, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.