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I'm not going to sugarcoat it like pictured above: This site uses cookies, like practically every other site on the internet. It's just the way the web works. There's little I can do about that. But I can promise that the cookies that are placed by me (pages hosted from will not be used for privacy-invading purposes, strictly for functional purposes.

For more information on cookies - I'd like you to refer to the Cookies-page on the website of the European Commission. It's a chapter in The EU Internet Handbook filled with regulations, clarifications and guidelines.

As mentioned in the Disclaimer on this website, this website uses several cookies for analytical usage. The information is used to improve the website and help me create more and better content to the visitors wishes, based on their behaviour on the site. 

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Next to those three purposes, the site also uses a cookie for functional purposes. To only show the animated landing page for new visits for instance, the same goes for the cookie-consent bar. By continuing your visit after arrival on the site (when the consent bar is shown) you agree to the use of cookies.