Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours - a Pocket Cinema Camera short

Info - Autumn Colours - a Pocket Cinema Camera short

Originally I planned a shoot like this to demo/try out the new Adobe Creative Cloud upgrades, especially the upgrade(s) surrounding Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade. But, sadly Adobe didn't make their October 15th deadline, and I couldn't put this off any longer. Will shoot something else when the update is in sight.

This was all shot just outside Zutphen (Netherlands) on a Saturday afternoon whilst on a walk on a nearby estate. If you want to really judge the footage, I recommend to download the (big) original MP4 from Vimeo

All footage was shot using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I used two lenses on the shoot: the Samyang T*3.1 14mm cine-lens and the Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 kitzoom lens. For the threadless Samyang I improvised a way to mount my 82mm variable ND, because the last time I did some serious shooting with the BMPCC I found and ND really is a must-have with this camera. All was shot from a tripod, with the exception of a very few shots for which I needed to be too close to the ground, these were shot using a small camera bag as a 'platform'.

SMALL UPDATE: Adobe has released the October upgrade in the last hours of October 31st. Next time I'll do a grade using SpeedGrade.

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