Sandisk Extreme Plus series

Sandisk releases (not so) new Extreme PLUS series

Info - Sandisk releases (not so) new Extreme PLUS series

[UPDATED] Sandisk has released their new Extreme Plus SD 80MB/s series. These new cards will come in 5 different capacities, ranging from a 8GB SDHC to a 128GB SDXC. These cards are rated at 80MB/s read speeds and 60MB/s write speeds.

Availability is not wide at this point in time, but actually has a few in stock. Their pricing these cards as follows:

  • Extreme PLUS SDHC 8GB 80MB/s - £14.07 (€16.80)
  • Extreme PLUS SDHC 16GB 80MB/s - £21.45 (€25.61)
  • Extreme PLUS SDHC 32GB 80MB/s - £33.96 (€40.54)
  • Extreme PLUS SDHC 64GB 80MB/s - £75.99 (€90.73)
  • Extreme PLUS SDHC 128GB 80MB/s - £172.50 (€205.97)

Here's for hoping that these cards are capable of recording CinemaDNG continuously with the Pocket Cinema Camera. Especially the 64GB card, since that's the sweetspot as far as price/capacity goes - the 128GB card is still way too expensive right now.

Taking the Sandisk reputation into consideration, these speeds will be quite solid, but there's nothing like a field test with the actual cards. Hopefully this opportunity will come to some users soon!


[UPDATE] Well, it seems that we're gladly living in a world where someone still can be wrong. This new series is actually a re-branding of the existing Sandisk Extreme 80MB/s cards, without the plus. Too bad - we could've used a newer and a bit faster type of SD card.

Sandisk Extreme PLUS 80MB/s SD Series

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