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Let's finish this, I've had a concept of this post stored in my websites for over a year now - never posted it for no particular reason. So I should call this a Golden Oldie by now. This post isn't directly about cinematography, cameras or gear. But I thought it was worth sharing nontheless! For years I've collaberated on a project called InDeKringloop, which can roughly be translated as AtTheThriftStore. The idea is as follows: a musician plays a (mostly) acoustic session in a thrift store (second hand store). 

These sessions are then recorded and mixed and put on the YouTube Channel and the website. The background in these stores changes every time. An object never stays in the store for very long and the products on sale are never the same. The artists are also as diverse as the varying background, but mostly within the singer-songwriter genre. 

And lets just get some gear into this anyway. These sessions are almost completely shot with Canon 550D's (or T2i's), there are a few exceptions that a 5D, 7D or BMPCC is involved as well. The lenses generally are 28mm, 35mm and 50mm primes in the earlier sessions - and in the later sessions (chronologically) a few fast zoom-lenses showed up (24-70mm f/2.8 for example).

The editing is done by varying members of the team - but the two video's embedded here are both edited and graded by myself.

Both are by Dutch artists. The first (at the top) is by Saint Helena Dove and is in English. The second video below is by Esther Groenenberg and is in Dutch.