Why colorists are so very important to film and video

Info - Why colorists are so very important to film and video

I often get asked how much I charge for shooting video for a day. What a potential client most of the time means is how much it would cost to produce a video. These are two completely different things. A lot of people think that when the video is shot, it'll be edited the next day - and then boom, it's done.

It's hard to imagine the work that still goes into a video after its shot, if you're unaware of the complete process. 

This reel by colorist Tayle Jones from Grade might give you an idea of the value of someone who works on the color grading process of a film/video. And that's just one part of the post-production. Before grading there's data-handling, rough-cut editing, editing, sound editing and (if applicable) graphics and/or visual effects.

So sit back, and watch this beautiful color reel of the independent feature film The House on Pine Street.


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