Blackmagic NAB2015

Blackmagic to announce 3 new cameras at NAB2015

Info - Blackmagic to announce 3 new cameras at NAB2015

[Updated] Third camera update at bottom of postIt's that time of year again: NAB. And it wouldn't be Blackmagic Design is they wouldn't release some new dark magic onto the camera world. This year they're going to come out with their Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and the lightweight Blackmagic URSA Mini


Blackmagic URSA Mini

The URSA Mini will sport a new Super35 4.6K sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range, 12G-SDI and 2160p recording up to 60fps. It will sell for $2,995.- (excl VAT). 

Let's just hope they offer other recording options to the CFast2 cards. I'd rather mess around with SSD's than those hugely expensive CFast2's.


Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

The Micro Cinema Camera is shown mounted to a UAV, and looks to be especially designed for this purpose: to be mounted on UAV's and gimbals. It sports a Super16 sensor, most likely the same as the Pocket Cinema Camera. At this point there are no further details yet on this micro cam. 

Personally I think this one might pull some pro's away from GoPro when slow-motion isn't a requirement. I imagine this little (CinemaDNG recording?) cam will also feel right at home on the side of a car mounted on some suction cups.



has revealed
that there will not be just two new camera's this year at NAB, but there will be a third. Everyone is still under embargo, so we won't know about it until Blackmagic wants us to, or someone leaks something ;-) 

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