Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer now online

Info - Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer now online

[UPDATED] I can't help it - this one need to go up on my website. I've seen many trailers, and I think this is a pretty good one as modern trailers go. It doesn't reveal too much of the story or the movie (of which Glove and Boots made a great video), but it does get your (proverbial) juices going. The trailer is embedded above.

That it does what its meant to can easily be verified by watching the video below. Jaby Koay and his wonderful little family posted their trailer reaction video to this new trailer. Look at their eyes, closely - focus on that part. You'll see this trailer works ;-)

The word, straight from the source: JJ Abrams has confirmed there will be no more new trailers for Star Wars The Force Awakens. This is it. Which is brilliant news - we'll remain practically spoiler-free!

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